Headshots Info/How to get here


I am situated in South London, Tooting/Colliers Wood.  I shoot indoors, with 2-3 different backdrops. I use studio and natural light. I shoot digital, in colour.

Please come to: 

35 Devonshire Road, London, UK. SW19 2EJ

Take the NORTHERN LINE to COLLIERS WOOD. Turn Right out of station, then right up Cavendish Road and up, then left on Devonshire Road and follow down. I’m opposite Londis on the corner of Devonshire and Robinson. My door is purple. My house is white. Parking is pay and display between 8am-6pm and has restrictions of 1hr stay, so unless driving is essential, i’d recommend public transport



Please bring a MIXTURE of styles; smart, casual, v-neck, round-neck, strappy, and nothing too wacky as it distracts from your lovely face. Keep it simple. Costume changes are unlimited inside our timeframe, though I’d guess at around 3-5. Come in something that is completely “you”. Bring way too many clothes


Do not come CAKED in make-up. It’s best to always start subtle. That way we can build slowly if need be, ending with some glamorous photos of that time you were glamorous. Its a solid idea to bring some translucent powder with you to stop any unwanted shine.


Long haired people, bring things to tie hair up, change style etc, as this makes an amazing difference to your face. You are very welcome to bring tongs, dryers, straighteners, wigs etc.

Short haired people, gel and other products do not always come across well on camera. Remember we want you natural (but not naked)


Isn’t it obvious?! We drink TEA (or Coffee, water, wine, beer, CAKE, biscuits, MORE CAKE!) We also talk about ourselves enthusiastically and maybe discuss why your last photos aren’t working any more. 


You will get a chance during the session to have a look at the photos as we go along. This is to ensure you get what you want, rather than what I want. Hopefully we both want the same thing, which is for you to look your best, but still look like you. 


I will upload your gallery to a wee spot on the web, where you will be set up as a client. I’ll talk you through the system when you’re here.  It’s a quick and easy workflow, and I can link an agent in if you like, to help you choose.  If you change your mind later on, the gallery will be up online for up to one year (or until you are so famous that you crash my website).